About Customized Skin care

About Customized Skin care:

Our skincare regimen contains a deep cleansing face wash, an intense hydrating moisturizer and night cream, all customized for your unique skin.

Who can use Bare Anatomy’s skincare range?

Anybody who is 17 or above can use our products.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding ladies use Bare Anatomy’s skincare products?

No, though our products are derma-certified as safe for use, but during pregnancy our skin becomes very sensitive and may react to new skincare products. So to ensure your safety, we advise you not to use any new skincare products during this phase.

How long will it take to resolve my skin issues?

Depends on your skin concern, ideally it takes 3 months of consistent use to resolve skin issues.

Does Day Moisturizer contain SPF?

No, it does not. However, our day moisturizer is compatible with sunscreens.

Are your products fragrance-free?

No, all products contain IFRA-certified fragrance i.e. our fragrances are free from allergens and harmful ingredients like-phthalates. You also get to choose between strong and mild fragrance options.

What if products don't work?

Don’t worry. Our scientists are always there to help you out in case of any need. If required, we would be more than happy to provide you a reformulation free of cost.

Is night cream necessary?

Sun exposure, pollution damages our skin. Natural skin repair weakens with age, therefore our skin needs an extra boost of nutrients to support the repair process. Night cream is primarily focused to do this job that is to rejuvenate and repair skin damage.

How will these products help me with my acne issues?

Our deep pore cleanser will unclog pores and remove dirt, pimple causing bacteria. Our day moisturizer will hydrate oily skin and control oil production, giving your skin matte finish. Night cream will heal acne wounds, reduce break-outs, control oil production and fade acne scars. Ideally it takes 2-3 months to resolve acne issues

What is a recommended skincare routine?

Cleanse-Hydrate-Rejuvenate and repeat.

For how long will the product last?

Thanks to our products being 100% clean & toxin free, you can use them as frequently as you need. Our hair care and skin care regime is made to last for a month. We offer hassle free subscriptions too.

What is the shelf life of the product?

Our products are made to order, ensuring that they are not in warehouses & shelves for months before use. This freshness gives them the highest efficacy. They are also not riddled with parabens & harmful preservatives, which gives them a shelf life of about 6 months. Don’t worry though, you’d be well finished & in love by then!

Do you offer sample products?

Sorry, as of now we are unable to provide samples. Each of our products are personalized, taking a lot of time, research and effort to formulate. However, if you are unsure and have questions regarding our products, do email us at hello@bareanatomy.com, and we will answer them all so that you have full clarity before you make a decision.

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