About Customised Hair care

About Customized Hair care:


Currently we formulate 5 hair care products  Hair Oil + Pre-Shampoo Mask + Shampoo + Conditioner + Hair Serum.

*We sell our products in different combos and at discounts too. For more info, please visit our home page.


About The Hair Quiz

How do I choose my hair bond structure?

You can identify your hair bond structure by noticing your hair's behaviour after a wash. In case you're confused between two options, pick the straighter one out of the two. For instance, pick curly in case you're confused between curly and coily.

How do I choose my scalp type?

After you shampoo your hair, notice how much time it takes for your scalp to feel oily. It can range from 1-4 days. The duration will help us in understanding your scalp’s requirements.

How do I choose my hair type?

After you shampoo your hair, notice how long it takes for the length of your hair to get oily. This duration will help us determine your hair type.

What if I’m not sure what hair goals will best suit my hair?

 Well then, thank God for us, right? Just send us an email to hello@bareanatomy.com or call us at +91 9711170970, & all your queries will be taken care of by our hair experts.

How many hair goals can I choose?

You can choose up to 3 hair goals. Prioritize this on the basis of your immediate hair needs.

Are your products safe for colour treated or keratin treated hair?

Absolutely! Our customization extends to colour and keratin treated hair, which is accounted for in our quiz. Our hair specialists have researched hair care extensively to formulate for hair that has been treated, keeping in mind to pamper it with the right ingredients and repairing any damage caused due to harmful chemicals.

Can your products cure Hair fall?

Hair fall can happen due to multiple reasons. Using cosmetic products might not help you cure it completely. On an average, one can lose between 80-100 strands a day, which is considered normal, & our products aim to reduce that. However, if you are losing more, then you might need to consult your Doctor.

Here is some more information: https://bareanatomy.in/blogs/bare-awareness/the-ultimate-guide-to-conquering-hair-fall

Bitly: https://bit.ly/2YraOvw

CG Approved!

What is CG (Curly Girl) Method?

The CG method is an approach to hair care for people with naturally curly hair that has not been treated. It is a gentle method of treating curls, without damaging the hair cuticle. It strictly forbids the usage of harsh chemicals like silicones, sulphates & drying alcohols, while also giving a major focus to moisturization that helps in enhancing the curl definition, as curly hair has a tendency to get dry easily. The method discourages combing, and encourages the use of a diffuser when blow drying, along with other styling tips, and it is a great route for gorgeous curls!

Are your products CG approved?

Yes. We custom create formulas that are CG Approved. If you have gorgeous curls, we are thrilled to work towards you flaunting them. You can leave a comment in the ‘Special Instructions Box’ during checkout to let us know that you want your products to be CG Approved, and we’ll ensure it is!

For how long will the product last?

Thanks to our products being 100% clean & toxin free, you can use them as frequently as you need. Our hair care and skin care regime is made to last for a month. We offer hassle free subscriptions too.

What is the shelf life of the product?

Our products are made to order, ensuring that they are not in warehouses & shelves for months before use. This freshness gives them the highest efficacy. They are also not riddled with parabens & harmful preservatives, which gives them a shelf life of about 6 months. Don’t worry though, you’d be well finished & in love by then!

Do you offer sample products?

Sorry, as of now we are unable to provide samples. Each of our products are personalized, taking a lot of time, research and effort to formulate. However, if you are unsure and have questions regarding our products, do email us at hello@bareanatomy.com, and we will answer them all so that you have full clarity before you make a decision.

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